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By Sophie Ewh I fully realized the power of film the first time I watched Blackfish. I was just a baby Floridian who had grown up going to Seaworld every week, spending hours sitting at the tank watching Tilikum sulk in the corner of the tank. I loved it because my family loved it, and […]


Submit Your Passion Projects!

By Madison Raye Mitts Fusion is happy to announce that it will be accepting submissions for this years festival beginning October 26th.  Apply to Fusion to share your unique experience!  Submitters last year had the chance to win a wide-variety awards, in categories, including Feature Screenplay, Sight & Sound, Web-Series, Docs-in-the-Works and many more. Since […]


Fawzia Mirza’s Triple-Threat “Signature Move”

By Emma Levine, Editorial Staff Writer Writer, actress, and producer Fawzia Mirza is a triple-threat force to be reckoned with. She has worked in theater, film, and television; she aims to use storytelling, performance, and comedy to break down identity stereotypes. Mirza identifies as a “lesbian, Muslim, Pakistani, actor, activist, writer, producer, lawyer, [and] creature […]


LGBTQ Women to Watch

By Sophie Ewh. Do you ever watch the news and cry at the political state of the country, and frankly the entire world? Do you ever watch the news through Snapchat just so that you can replace the current president’s face with Hillary Clinton’s? Do you ever wonder why RuPaul has won two Emmy’s, but […]


From “White Trash” to “Signature Move”: Jennifer Reeder

By Guru Ramanathant, Editorial Staff Writer Jennifer Reeder’s new romantic comedy-drama “Signature Move” is hitting theaters soon, having made the festival rounds for about a year. The film is bolstered by a script co-written by star Fawzia Mirza and Lisa Donato. “Signature Move” is considerably mainstream compared to Reeder’s previous experimental short films, “A Million […]