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Harvesting the Future of Catering and Social Justice

By Guru Ramanathan While working in finance, Sara Elise started cooking during her down time to alleviate the stress from her anxiety-inducing job. Her career was becoming a burden and she sought to use her culinary skills to shift her life in a way that allowed her to combine passion with profession. “Through this exploration- […]


Dreams of Frances: A love letter to Greta Gerwig and her portrayal of the female identity

Camila Grimaldi, Editorial Staff Writer The world is starved for complex female characters. We have been treated to countless supporting roles: love interests, sex icons, and sidekicks. Rarely do we see a female protagonist who is strong-willed and proactive, or someone who channels our insecurities and flaws onto the big screen. I believed there was […]


Rachel Morrison: Oscars-Bound for Mudbound

Emma Levine, Editorial Staff Writer For the first time in the Oscars’ 90 years, a female cinematographer’s work behind the camera is in the spotlight. In an awards season focused on equality and fair treatment in the entertainment industry, Rachel Morrison’s Oscar nomination for her work on director Dee Rees’s Mudbound stands out: she is […]


Why Reese Witherspoon’s Glamour speech should inspire us all

by Madi Mitts, Editorial Staff Writer Reese Witherspoon’s Glamour 2015 Women of the Year Awards speech has once again taken the internet by storm.  Its resurfacing is symbolic of the growing desire to properly represent women in film.  The multiple tenets that Reese presents are vital in continuing the progress of women in this competitive […]


Eleven, Max, and the Smurfette Principle

Camila Grimaldi, Editorial Staff Writer [SPOILER WARNING for Stranger Things Season 2] Earlier this year, I found out that Stranger Things would welcome a new young female cast member in Season 2 and got even more excited for the return of this beloved show. The thought of another strong role model for young girls to […]