2016 Finalists

The Fusion Film Festival is honored and excited to announce the finalists for this year’s student competition:

Undergraduate Film

“Fishbone” directed by Sandra (Min Wan) Tan, DP Daisy Zhou
“Zayar” directed by Chriz Naing, DP Arina Bleiman
“Mutt” directed by Chloe Aktas, DP Mary Perino

Graduate Film

“Sophie” directed by Alexandra Hsu, DP Thomas Wood
“Lerato” directed by Thati Peele, DP Chananun Chotrungroj
“The Rain Collector” directed by Isabella Wing-Davey, DP Neus Olle
Honorable Mention: “Semele” directed by Myrsini Aristidou


“Otter of the Underground” directed by Christina Jean Benenati
“Deep Trouble” directed by Corinne Stein
“The All American Cooking Show with Misty Crowe” directed by Isabelle Ghaffari

Web Series

“Mr. Right” directed by Joyce Wu
“I’m a Man” directed by Marie Constantinesco
“My Life as Morgan” directed by Katherine Banos

Sight and Sound Film

“Blackheart” directed by Razieme Iborra
“Paper” directed by Danielle Kampf
“The Peddler” directed by Annalee Walton

Undergraduate Half Hour Pilot Script

“House of Worship” written by Lauren Nicole Flippo
“Right Wing Woman” written by Madelyn Miller
“Regrettable Behavior” written by Lyndsey Bourne

Graduate Half Hour Pilot Script

“Ivy League A-Holes” written by Siobhan Gilbert
“Pinned Down” written by Alyssa Haddad
“Starring Chloe Fisher” written by Jennifer Rudin

Undergraduate Hour Pilot Script

“A.C.T.” written by Danielle Kampf
“Wasteland” written by Jennifer Helen Coates
“Chosen No More” written by Anna Rich

Undergraduate Feature Screenplay

“The Queen Bee” written by Elizaveta Rakhilkina
“The Firebird” written by Suzanne Egan
“Fat Kat” written by Mia Volta

Graduate Feature Screenplay

“A Glimpse of Sun” written by Chloe Hung
“Antouni (Homeless)” written by Alik Barsoumian
“The Sound of Settling” written by Stephanie Donnelly

Docs in the Works Pitch

“Nana” directed by Serena Dykman
“Lex” directed by Erin Sayder
“Dulce” directed by Giselle Bonilla

Rising Star Award Winner

“Bone Digger” by Rose Loprinzo

We would like to congratulate all of the finalists and thank everyone who submitted their work to the Fusion Film Festival.

Please join us for all three days of Fusion’s thrilling events, all free and culminating with the thrilling Competition Screening and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 5th at 6:30pm in the Cantor Film Center where we will announce the winners, including Audience Choice, which will be decided by those in attendance.