2013 Awards

Doc Pitch

Fred: The Town Dog

Director: Ava Lowrey


Undergraduate Film


Director: Erin Sanger, cinematography by Nate Hurtsellers


Graduate Film (A TIE!)

Anna & Jermone

Directed by Melanie Delloye, cinematography by Leonardo D’Antoni


Chin Up

Directed by Michelle Walson, cinematography by Jeremy Brunjes


Undergraduate Cinematography


Cinematographer: Nate Hurtsellers


Graduate Cinematography

Anna & Jerome

Cinematography: Leonardo D’Antoni


Sight and Sound

The End

Director: Olivia Tant


Undergraduate Short Screenplay

The Hard Dones

Writer: Jesy Rae Buhl


Graduate Short Screenplay

Black Girl In Paris

Writer: Kiandra Parks


Undergraduate Feature Screenplay

Johnny Bishop Fooled Around

Writer: Saila Reyes


Graduate Feature Screenplay

String of Pearls

Writer: Eve Crusto


TV Pilot

The Hilltop

Writer: Lauren Ciaravalli


Animated Short

Old House

Director: Emma Noble


Showbiz Software Rising Star Award


Director: Madeline Leshner


Congratulations to all finalists!

Thanks for joining us at Fusion 2013 with record-breaking numbers from across NYU and the larger film, TV and new media community attending our four-day festival!

Bravo to Fusion’s Team for an outstanding Festival & 10th Anniversary Celebration!

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