LGBTQ Women to Watch

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By Sophie Ewh.

Do you ever watch the news and cry at the political state of the country, and frankly the entire world? Do you ever watch the news through Snapchat just so that you can replace the current president’s face with Hillary Clinton’s? Do you ever wonder why RuPaul has won two Emmy’s, but still has yet to be made Glamazon ruler of the universe? Then you should follow these fabulously queer women that bring every faction of humanity to the limelight.


Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher: You may know this dynamic duo from their stand-up tour, “Back to Back,” or from their myriad of appearances in Adam Ruins Everything, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Adventure Time. But their most comprehensive and underappreciated work is their semi-autobiographical TV show Take My Wife. This prototypical twenty-one minute sitcom is far from typical; it features two gay women, both trying to make it in the comedy world while paving their way through the toils of marriage, homophobia, and misogyny. Aside from having some of the best dry and poignant humor on television, the show brings together a diverse crew, whose varying perspectives flow into every line and camera angle. With an all-female writers’ room, 43% writers of color, mostly female production heads, and music from eight different queer musicians, the show is truly diverse and representative.

You can watch the first season of Take My Wife on Seeso; however, as of Seeso’s announcement to shut down, the show is searching for a home. To support this endeavor, and hopefully view the already-made Season 2, you can visit Twitter and voice support for Esposito and Butcher, or you can write to VRV and Netflix, asking them to save the show that celebrates diversity.


St. Vincent: Otherwise known as Annie Clark, St. Vincent is an alternative, electronic rock artist, whose music has empowered women of all types since 2003. Her first album, Marry Me, celebrates the darkness of everyday life with such songs as “The Apocalypse Song,” and nods its head to gay culture with the song, “Paris is Burning.” Her classic mix of orchestral instruments with a heavy rock tone is enough to catch any human’s attention, but her open woman-ness and sexuality will leave women embroidered with strength and hope. You can listen to her latest album, Masseduction, as well as her past albums, on iTunes and Google Play. Be sure to catch Cara Delevingne’s appearance on the cheerfully dystopian song, “Pills.”


Fawzia Mirza: This up-and-coming writer/actor has been the star of the 2017 film festival circuit and the bell of the gay community due to her latest film, Signature Move. Mirza plays a closeted lesbian wrestler named Zaynab, who begins to fall in love with a free-spirited girl named Alma. The movie’s title is a double entendre for a wrestling move and a romantic pass; it weaves the stories of Zaynab’s love for Alma, coming to terms with her caring-yet-heteronormative mother, and preparing for a wrestling tournament, into one brightly colored and beautifully shot package.

You can watch Signature Move at a Fusion-run screening on October 26th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Cantor Film Center. The event will be filled with women of various backgrounds, talents, and personalities, so join us to make new friends and watch a wonderfully progressive film. After the screening, Fawzia Mirza will be there to answer questions and discuss the film.