Fusion Film Festival 2019
Finalists & Honorable Mentions

Undergraduate Film Finalists

Just Scream – Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah
dear stranger – Macarena Gaona
The Terrestrials – Kit Zauhar

Undergraduate Film Honorable Mentions

Stay – Christina Vislocky
Virgencita – Giselle Bonilla
4 Hours a Night – Hannah Crane
The Wiccan Trials – Hannah Namnoum (DP)
OTTO SOLOMON JULY 2004 – Rebecca Schuchat

Graduate Film Finalists

Paperboy – Ninna Pálmadóttir
Black Goat – Yi Tang
Chicken Boy – Kayla Arend

Graduate Film Honorable Mentions

Saint Catherine of Bensonhurst – Dominica Eriksen
Now You Know – Molly Gillis
Palm Trees and Power Lines – Jamie Dack
April in Winter – Emilie Silvestri

Animation Finalists

Stray Cat Ah Q – Mulan Fu
Silhouette City – Poulomi Mukherji
Oblivion – Ivy Danxiaomeng Huang

Animation Honorable Mentions

Today We Are – Jillian Ostrander
New Inside – Abigail Austin

Sight and Sound Finalists

Mud Cake – Lucie Pottecher
Dog Mountain – Ella Sinskey
blister – Emily Nicole Gurland

Sight and Sound Honorable Mentions

Nowhere – Olivia De Camps
I’m Glad it Was You – Laine Elliott
Fireworks: A Eulogy – Bernie Torres

Music Video Finalists

Truth – Julia Kupiec
Temptation – Zoë Y (DP)
Can You Get Me High? – Tajayona Harris, Performed by Murielle

Music Video Honorable Mention

&burn – Artemis Polemis

Documentary Finalists

Alas – Ilona Szekeres
40th & State – Micah Ariel Watson
Human Girlfriend – Genevieve Dunning

Documentary Honorable Mentions

Hummingbirds in the Trenches – Zoe Yi (DP)
Finding Nasseebi – Andrea Chung

Docs in the Works Finalists

The Road to Sabarimala – Shilpa Kunnaappillil
Fighting for the Forty – Olivia Pratt,  Devyn Reidy and Victoria Marton
My Kingdom For a Horse – Lucy Smith-Williams
Mother Cake – Stephanie Schiavenato

Rising Star

Last Stop – Sequoia Sheriff

Rising Star Honorable Mentions

Pepper – Johanna Xue
Dead Horse Bay – Sophia Wang

Undergraduate Feature Screenplay Finalists

Maya’s Untitled Story – Morgan Cunning
Earth You Are – Isabel Weiner
Whirlpool – Emory Parker
Take Care – Bo Shim

Graduate Feature Screenplay Finalists

The Profile of Dorian Gray – Alexandra Timmer
Sustenance – Daeja Jackson
In My Father’s House – Abbesi Akhamie

Undergraduate Half-Hour Pilot Finalists

The Damnation Game – Isabella Bailey
Angel Dust – Nikki Haririan
Racing High – Eda Ozbay and Ari Gutman

Graduate Half-Hour Pilot

LIT – Jen Rudin
Lashes – Young Eun (Grace) Kim
Hellscape – Jyotsna Hariharan

Undergraduate Hour Pilot Finalists

Cult – Molly Scharlin Ben-Hamoo
The West Ward – Isabel Weiner
Grimm Reapings – Rose Loprinzo

Graduate Hour Pilot Finalists

Malpractice – Young Eun (Grace) Kim
SULTANA – Daeja Jackson
Ghosted – Stephanie Donnelly