2017 Finalists

The Fusion Film Festival is honored and excited to announce the finalists for this year’s student competition:

Undergraduate Film
“Buckets” by Julia Jones
“Nanny” by Kathy Meng
“Helicopter” by Kit Zauhar

Graduate Film
“Get Out Faster” by Haley Elizabeth Anderson
“Bao” by Yanqiu Fei
“Tween” Raven Johnson

“Ocean Song” Erica Liu
“Stitched” Adriana Rios
“Split” Isabella Ruffalo-Burgat

Sight & Sound
“The Artists Struggle” by Baylee Brown
“How It Ends” by Carolina Diz
“How to Speak of Love” by Olivia Posner

Music Video Winner
“Rough” by Audrey Elizabeth Thomas

Web Series Winner
“People Of…” Lamia Alami

Graduate Half Hour Pilot Script
“Full of It” by Lilian Mehrel
“Lucy in the Sky” by Jennifer Rudin

Undergraduate Half Hour Pilot Script
“Bunkbed” by Nikki Haririan
“Behind the Scenes of History” by Jenny Levine
“Gotcha!” by Leah Gross

Graduate One-Hour Pilot Script
“Camp Heathens” by Lilly Camp
“The Bug Truck” by Ashley Michel Hoban
“The Ages” by Joyce Sherrí

Undergraduate One-Hour Pilot Script
“Beast of Prey” by Nyssa Shaw-Smith Gendelman
“The Overman” by Isabella Marie Bailey
“Down The Hall” by Kylie Dayton

Graduate Feature Screenplay
“Threshold” by Fredrica Bailey
“Thirst” by Divya Mangwani
“Summer Kaos” by Shamar S. White

Undergraduate Feature Screenplay
“Tether” by Jennifer Helen Coats
“The Mouse and The Lion” by Lain Kienzle
“Star Crossed” by Emory Parker

“Capital” Caitlin Stickles
“Sanctity of the Moment” Thelma Boyiri and Anna Balysheva
“Bento” Guiliana Monteiro

Rising Star Winner
Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Congratulations to all of the finalists!

We send thanks and appreciation to all the artists who submitted their work to the Fusion Film Festival.

Our deepest thanks to our wonderful Faculty Judges!

Please join us for all three days of Fusion’s thrilling events, all free and culminating with the Competition Screening and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 4th at 6:30pm in the Cantor Film Center where we will announce the winners selected by our distinguished industry judges. Phenomenal prizes and a special Audience Choice Award which will be decided by those in attendance!