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~ Fusion’s Recent LA Showcase
~ Monkey Business: A Hit Doc, A Tisch Success Story
~ VIBE: Melina Matsoukas Trusts The Vision, The Voyage & The Victories Sure To Come
~ ELLE: 11 Life Lessons I Learned From Melina Matsoukas
~ At Fusion Film Fest, HBO Encourages Confidence, Passion and Having a Voice
~ Fusion Fest Holds Directing Masterclass with Alum Melina Matsoukas
~ Will and Jada Smith Foundation Writes Tisch $30k Check to Fund Film
~ Atlanta Blackstar: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Donate $30,000 to NYU Film Program, Supports Female Storytellers
~ Inside Philanthropy: How is the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation Supporting Female Filmmakers?
~ The Root: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Donate $30,000 to NYU Film School
~ Variety: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Donate to NYU’s Film Program
~ Hollywood Reporter: ‘Carol’ Producer to Be Honored at NYU’s Fusion Film Festival
~ Fusion Film Festival Launch Event: “Suffragette” Screening + Q&A
~ ‘Suffragette’ screening, panel discuss sexism at Cantor Film Center
~ Tisch alum believes in ‘Unicorns,’ fighting gender bias in film
~ Fusion Film Festival 2016 Officially Opens Submissions, Holds Suffragette Screening
~ VARIETY: NYU Students Celebrate Women in Film at Fusion Film Festival
~ INDIEWIRE: 10 Must-Read Tips from the Women of NYU Fusion Film Festival
~ INDIEWIRE: DP Reed Morano on Making it as a Cinematographer Regardless of the ‘Female Thing’
~ Fusion Film Fest Marks New Season with Screening of Akhavan’s Appropriate Behavior
~ “Can Women Save Film Criticism — and Is It Worth Saving?”
~ “NYU’s Fusion FF: Celebrating Women in Film, Television, & New Media”
~ “Fusion Film Festival at NYU Looks Back on the State of Gender Equality in the Film Industry on its Tenth Anniversary”
~ “Fusion Film Festival Kicks Off the Year With Miraculous Cloud Atlas”
~ “Fusion Festival Screens Student Works From New York and Tisch Asia”
~ “Celebrate Women and Movies at NYU’s Fusion Film Festival”
~ “Joan Jett Visits the Fusion Film Festival”