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Congratulations to all the Fusion 2010 Winners!

Best Film

Seasons of Love by Grettel Batoon

Best Undergraduate Director

Grettel Batoon for Seasons of Love

Best Graduate Director

Marie Dvorakova for Steenbeck Story

Best Graduate Cinematography

Harrow Island

Cinematography by Kristina Nikolova

Directed by Anja Marquardt

Best Undergraduate Cinematography

Too Sunny for Santa

Cinematography by Matthew Troy

Directed by Erica Tachoir

Best Sight & Sound Film

Hear Me Fall

Directed by Chloe Domont

Best Short Screenplay


Written by Brooke Greeling

Best Feature Screenplay

Mimi and Me

Written by Elizabeth Kerin

Best Music Video

America, Let's Go by Christopher Gordon and Dan Lubell

Directed by Karen Odyniec

Congratulations to Tristian Goik - Winner of the 2010 Fusion Trailer Contest!

Fusion is happy to announce the winner of the 2010 Trailer competition, Tristian Goik (TSOA '09).

Click here to watch the trailer!

Fusion 2010 Finalists Annouced!

Graduate Film Finalists

Harrow Island

Directed by Anja Marquardt

Steenbeck Story

Directed by Marie Dvorakova


Directed by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders


Directed by Taj Musco

Graduate Honorable Mentions


Directed by Kristina Nikolova


Directed by Emily Ray Reese

Undergraduate Film Finalists

Make It Stop!

Directed by Marissa O'Guinn

Seasons of Love

Directed by Grettel Batoon

Too Sunny for Santa

Directed by Erica Tachoir


Bethany Heimbigner

Undergraduate Honorable Mentions

Skinny Love & Spanish Bombs

Directed by Melanie Shaw


Directed by Gabrielle Nadig

Sight and Sound Finalists

Brooklyn Bridge

Directed by Catrin Hedstrom

The Naked Truth: A Portrait on Candida Royalle

Directed by Naleeka Dennis

Hear Me Fall

Directed by Chloe Domont

Sight and Sound Honorable Mentions

Eat, Breathe, Sleep, Jump

Directed by Rachel Fung

I told her I wanted to read

Directed by Catrin Hedstrom

Kim & Hailey: A Love Story

Directed by Patricia Gillespie

Short Screenplay Finalists


Written by Brooke Greeling


Written by Catherine Yang


Written by Chloe Zhao

Feature Screenplay Finalists

A Cyprian Dove

Written by Mary Pennisi

Mimi and Me

Written by Elizabeth Kerin

My Brother, The Terrorist

Written by Dana Wax

Doc Pitch Finalists


Directed by Keiko Wright

Street Soccer

Directed by Suzannah Herbert


Directed by Patricia Gillespie

Coming Back To Life: The Barry Gibbs Story

Directed by Zoe Potkin

Music Video Finalists

Learned My Lesson by The Moth Complex

Directed by Sophia LaVonne-Smith

The Plum by Sarah Tracey

Directed by Ruth Du

America, Let's Go by Christopher Gordon and Dan Lubell

Directed by Karen Odyniec

2010 Founder's Note


In celebration of The Fusion Film Festival's 7th Year Anniversary, we would like to send our deepest congratulations and thanks to all members of the Fusion Team past and present for their incredible work and passion over the years. Artists in their own rights, Festival Team Members have always blessed us with an eclectic mix of expertise and interests that have kept Fusion fresh and alive, and we would like to send tribute to our Fusion Team Members for their endless energy and creativity.

In addition, we would like to send our gratitude to our supporters at Tisch who have fostered and encouraged our dreams for Fusion since its conception in 2003 and continue to do so in its 7th year in 2010. We would like to honor Fusion's Faculty Advisor Susan Sandler, as it is with her enthusiasm and dedication that Fusion has had the opportunity to grow over the past 7 years into a Festival and Community of creativity, integrity, and commitment to the fine work of both student and industry talents.

With much pride and anticipation we have watched Fusion grow over the past 7 years from the east coasts, west coasts, across the Atlantic, and around the world. Each year we have had our expectations exceeded and marvel at the growth of Fusion, a Festival we deeply support, respect, and love.

Congratulations Fusion on 7 Years! And a grand toast to many many more!

From Founders Gina Abatemarco (NYU Tisch '03) and Emma Heald (NYU Tisch '04)