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Erika Houle: From Here To There

(Header Image a Still of Gloria Steinem in “Equal Means Equal”) By Priya Khanolkar, Fusion Alumni Relations. Erika Houle (Grad Film/TSOA, 2011) works not only in the field but also in the classroom. In college, Erika had many different internships with world-renowned directors such as Terrence Malick, and after graduating she was able to work […]


ALUMNI FEATURE: Interview – Elizabeth Bohinc & Kate Zabinsky

By Piera Van de Wiel and Kara Lawson, Fusion Alumni Relations. September, 29th 2015: We spoke with Elizabeth Bohinc and Kate Zabinsky, Fusion Film Festival alumnae who recently put together a panel in LA for industry professionals to talk about women in the film and television industries.The panel was two years in the making. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ […]


Once Upon a Time: The Progression of Women in Fairytales

By Rachel Lambert, Editorial Staff Writer. Female characters in fairytales, while set in environments of fiction and fantasy, have begun to express truer-to-life traits. They are expanding beyond a reliance on princes on handsome steeds and breaking gender stereotypes. Once Upon a Time, an ABC television series created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, joins many […]


Favorites of the Year

By Ben Eisen, Editorial Staff Head   Favorite Female-Directed Show: Olive Kitteridge “It baffles me, this world. I don’t want to leave it yet.” So closes HBO’s incredible four-hour miniseries that proved more vital, moving, and human than anything else I saw this year. The cast is pitch perfect, the direction empathic in its pacing, […]


Finally, the Emergence of Female Superheroes

Kevin Park, Editorial Staff Writer Since both Disney/Marvel and Warner Brothers revealed their massive slate of superhero films that will last them until 2019, the demand for a female-driven superhero movie has only gotten louder. Currently Warner Bros. is planning to introduce Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) in 2016’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of […]