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What Filmmakers Can Learn from the Docs-In-The-Works Pitch Competition: Tips & Insight From Prof. Nilita Vachani

The Docs-In-The-Works competition at Fusion is a yearly institution, but also perhaps our most misunderstood event to audiences – that is, until they witness it for themselves. The pitch competition is unlike any other, it’s an immersive experience that is both educational and professional, beyond what a classroom can offer. The woman behind this event, […]


Fusion Past & Present: Erin Sanger Post-Bombshell Win

With Fusion 2014 and the awarding of this year’s most excellent female-driven student work on the horizon, we can see that not much farther than that horizon are the success stories of Fusion winners past and present. One such winner, Erin Sanger, whose riveting smash Bombshell took home Best Undergraduate Film and Cinematography in 2013, […]