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Black Nativity and Fusion’s Launch

As the theater lights of Cantor dimmed and the Christmas music played, the entire crowd, including NYU affiliates and film industry professionals, fell into a trance only to be jolted out of it soon after. The street setting in the opening sequence of the film isn’t the standard for a ‘holiday movie,’ but it is […]


Agneiszka Holland Joins Fusion Honorary Board

Fusion is proud to extend honorary board membership to a true vanguard of the industry, Agnieszka Holland. Holland has crafted amazing work throughout her inspiring career as a one of Poland’s most renowned film and television writer-directors. Yet, Holland’s work and presence extend far beyond her national borders, her 1991 film Europa Europa having received […]


Coffee with Debra Zimmerman and Kristen Fitzpatrick

The Fusion Film Festival’s “Coffee With” Series brings a select group of students to an intimate roundtable breakfast discussion with distinguished women in film and television. On Friday, Nov 8 at 9AM, we invite you to spend one hour on Friday morning having coffee and bagels with two of the most innovative women in film, Debra Zimmerman […]


Staff Recruitment Party

Join us on Thursday, September 26 in the Tisch Lounge at 7pm!!


Coffee with Wendy Ettinger

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting an event with award-winning producer and co-founder of Chicken and Egg Pictures, Wendy Ettinger. Bringing together sixteen students from both the graduate and undergraduate Film and Television Production departments at Tisch, this “Coffee With…” series event geared its focus on documentary filmmaking and the importance of proper […]