General Guidelines for ALL categories:

Undergraduate Film Guidelines:

The Undergraduate Film category is open to all films created during the Undergraduate career. However, please note that the majority of films submitted to this category are created in Intermediate and Advanced level production classes.

Graduate Film Guidelines:

The Graduate Film category is open to all films created during the Graduate career.

Documentary Film Guidelines:

The Documentary Film category is open to all documentaries created by Undergraduate and Graduate students. Sight and Sound Documentary films are also encouraged to be submitted in this category.

Animation Guidelines:

The Animation category is open to animated films created by both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Rising Star Guidelines:

The Rising Star honor is awarded to an up-and-coming female student in the Film and Television program. Projects created in the Frame & Sequence, Intro to Animation, and Sound Image classes will be accepted.

Sight & Sound Guidelines:

The Sight & Sound category is open to projects created in Sight & Sound Filmmaking or Studio. Please note that most students tend to submit their FINAL projects of the class to this category. Please submit Sight & Sound Documentary projects in the Documentary Film category.

Docs in the Works Guidelines:

The Docs in the Works category provides documentary filmmakers with the opportunity to receive mentorship from filmmaker Sam Pollard and to pitch their work-in-progress to industry professionals. To submit to this category you must provide a written proposal and a short trailer for your documentary.

Music Video Guidelines:

The Music Video category is open to music videos created by both Undergraduate and Graduate students, or Alumni. We especially encourage the submission of projects created in the Short Commercial Form class. Please remember that Students or Alumni with professional representation (e.g. an Agent/Manager) are ineligible to submit.

All Screenplay & Pilot Guidelines:

The writing categories are split by Graduate and Undergraduate, and are separated into Feature Screenplay and Half-Hour Pilot categories.


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