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By Madison Raye Mitts

Fusion is happy to announce that it will be accepting submissions for this years festival beginning October 26th.  Apply to Fusion to share your unique experience!  Submitters last year had the chance to win a wide-variety awards, in categories, including Feature Screenplay, Sight & Sound, Web-Series, Docs-in-the-Works and many more.

Since Fusion’s inception, it has been a pioneer for encouraging women in the entertainment industry to follow their passions.  Its dedication to inspiring and normalizing gender collaboration has brought in so much talent from students and professionals alike who believe in its powerful message.  The opportunities that Fusion presents to upcoming filmmakers is unbelievable, from the myriad of panels, and the ability to network and glean insight from industry professionals.  The festival is also a chance to showcase their work amongst other talented artists.  The festival is truly an opportunity to gain feedback on one’s projects, learn from others, and build new skill sets. In fact, Giuliana Monteiro Pinheiro, who was awarded ‘Docs-in-the-Works’ this past festival for her film, Bento, highlighted how she felt incredibly fortunate to show her film and receive great feedback during the editing stage.

Furthermore, and most importantly, Fusion builds a community within an industry that is not only incredibly competitive, but relies on collaboration, making true connections, and encouraging others.  Through these invaluable connections, more and more women are feeling confident in their voices as filmmakers.  Previous ‘Rising Star’ winner, Ewruakua Dawson-Amoah, stated that, “Knowing that there was a group on campus of brilliant female minds and people empowering women like me in the entertainment field gave me confidence and drive.”

By feeling less alone, other women can become more empowered to follow their dreams and tell stories that will enlighten others of different perspectives and experiences.

In March of 2017, Fusion hosted its 15th Annual Festival, a testament to how dedicated its members are to making a difference in the world of entertainment for women.  Especially in the light of recent events, female filmmakers are needed more than ever. Through the continued participation of submitters and volunteers alike, Fusion will continue to promote the excellency of some of the best up-and-coming filmmakers.