To The Moon and Back With More: Emma Thatcher, 2013 Docs-In-The-Works Finalist Completes Feature

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Fusion Film Festival is often the starting grounds for future projects and Emma Thatcher’s experience has been a prime example of that. She was a finalist in the 2012 documentary pitch category and has just completed the film she pitched, To the Moon. A recent Tisch graduate, this documentary is Emma’s first feature film.

To the Moon follows 18 college students and graduates biking from San Francisco, CA to Amherst, MA to visit various cooperative businesses. Emma says that “on one level, it is a film about cooperation, sustainability and adventure,” but her and her team did not want it to become an educational film about co-ops; instead, they focused more on their individual subjects and their personal, emotional journeys. Their goal of this film is to initiate conversations and “highlight the importance of dedication and innovation to demonstrate change in action,” especially in this era of active blogging and in the midst of college-aged uncertainty.

Emma had a very unique Fusion experience. The semester her pitch was part of the festival, she was actually studying abroad. She had her producers pitch the film and relied on them to relay any feedback the pitch received. Despite the distance and consequent obstacles, Emma still felt “very drawn to [Fusion’s] mission” and “welcomed by all involved” in the festival. She acknowledges the importance of community in the art world and the festival is great source of that, both within NYU and beyond. Naturally, connecting with Fusion again stems from her wanting “to share the final product with the people who provided so much advice and support.” And Fusion is equally glad to celebrate To the Moon with Emma.

Currently, Emma is working with two of her Tisch peers, Nino Chichua and Anita Gou, at a film collective the three founded. They created Open Harbor Pictures with a mission to make international documentaries. Their next project, “Alcohol,” is a look at how alcohol is consumed around the world and will explore its political, social, and emotional charges.

Learn more about Emma’s documentary HERE and follow her film collective’s work HERE. Support more documentaries that may become realities by attending this year’s Docs-In-The-Works on Friday, March 7th at 3 pm in Tisch Theatre 006.

By Amanda Saiewitz