YouTube 101 With Fusion

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On December 6th, Fusion members visited the YouTube Space in Chelsea to take a tour of the studio and partake in a discussion of YouTube’s current practices and resources. Led by the knowledgeable and entertaining Christopher Chan Roberson, a professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, attendees were exposed to many different features of YouTube, such as the YouTube Creator Playbook, which gives users tips and strategies on how to appeal to their target audience through their videos. Another important feature of the website which Roberson discussed with the group was YouTube Analytics, which allows users to see how well their videos are doing, what kind of people are watching their content, and other statistics that are helpful when it comes to expanding one’s viewership. Roberson also showed the group various successful YouTube accounts that use the studio in Chelsea, namely channels AVbyte and VSauce3, as well as some of his own personal favorite channels and his all time favorite video on YouTube.

After a quick break where we were allowed to grab some snacks from the kitchen (the food was delicious. And free!), Roberson took the group on a tour of the floor itself, from the entire wall of various costumes adorning one end of the offices to the two studios where people are allowed to film their projects. These studios are available to anyone who is a partner of YouTube (i.e. anyone who has a monetized YouTube account), and are well equipped with almost everything a person needs to create a successful video for their channel, from cameras to green screens and much more.

The event lasted a few hours and proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Christopher Roberson was a great host who shared his knowledge about YouTube and passion for his job in an engaging way. Overall, the event provided information relevant to anyone who is serious or looking to become serious about his or her presence on YouTube.

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By Natalie Cordero