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Throwback Thursday: Do Unicorns Really Exist?

By Kimberly Chng Fusion Editorial Staff Writer Kimberly Chng took an insightful look back at Fusion’s fantastic first event of this semester, our screening of Leah Meyerhoff’s feature film, “I Believe in Unicorns.”     As I walked into the theatre, I was greeted with whimsical cardboard clouds and cotton candy drapery dangling from the […]


Leah Meyerhoff: Paving the Road to a New Life in Film for Women Everywhere

By Mia Chavez & Nicole Tavares, Fusion Public Relations There was a warm wind blowing through the streets as I made my way to a screening of Leah Meyerhoff’s feature film, I Believe in Unicorns. Perhaps I am being overly sentimental, as some would dismiss wind simply as a feature of any autumn evening. However, […]