Public Relations Team Seeking Perfection with PR Workshop

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By AlHanouf Tamimi

The Public Relations team at Fusion Film Festival met with Shonna Keogan, Public Affairs Officer for NYU Tisch School of the Arts, to help them improve their PR skills. Along with the basics, the team has learnt how to properly assemble a schedule up to 6 weeks before an event (in this case, the actual festival date, March 3-5 2016!).


Here are some of the key lessons Shonna gave us:

  • Always remember to get your key messages out, especially to the press.

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  • Who are your experts? Place two or three individuals in front of the press who are experts in the PR process.

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  • What are the key visuals to highlight?

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  • Always take good photos!

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  • Study your different press contacts: know what to present to each one to grab their attention. (Headlines depend on the news source itself!)

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  • Have your media hit list ready 6 weeks ahead of the festival.

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  • Create shared assets and delegate tasks accordingly within the team. (Yay for teamwork!)

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  • Remember to utilize on-campus publications, too. (NYU websites and social media)

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  • Grab your audience’s attention by presenting up to date information.

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  • Don’t forget to smile!

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The PR team at Fusion would like to thank Shonna for taking the time to help them add more knowledge to their PR skills book, and for guiding them in the right direction to create a more hands-on, organized approach. With the festival coming up, this PR workshop was a positive step toward excelling as a team, pre-festival and in the long run.