Tracking Down Bad Guys One Profile at a Time and How to Look Good Doing It

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by Nicole Tavares, PR Staff Writer

 There’s never a question of strength when it comes to the women of our favorite crime shows. From the legendary Olivia Benson of Law and Order: SVU to the lovable Kate Beckett of Castle, these women know how to get the job done and look good while doing it. However, two shows in particular have decided to deviate from the norm by introducing two types of leading women we don’t usually see in crime shows: Maggie Q as Stalker’s Lt. Beth Davis and the newest member of the Criminal Minds family, Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt as SSA Kate Callahan. Beth and Kate are both feisty, independent, determined women set on locking up every psychopath running loose in the world. Each woman has a traumatic past which helps fuel the fire that makes them both so good at their jobs. However, one interesting fact that can’t help but be addressed is the difference in the physical nature of each of these women. Beth is a tall, Vietnamese brunette with a thin, athletic build to go along with her tough, stern personality. Kate is a shorter, curvier, all-American brunette with a friendly, outgoing personality. While Kate seems to be more of an open book always willing to offer a shoulder to others, Beth is extremely guarded and trusts no one.

Since the beginning of her career, Jennifer Love Hewitt has always been praised for her “perfect” body (in terms of society’s standards). She has always been placed on a pedestal due to the fact that she has always been a thin, well-proportioned girl. Now that she is older and has started a family of her own, Jennifer’s body is not the same as it used to be and some people have criticized her about not losing the baby weight fast enough. In response to the critics, Jennifer openly admits that she is not so obsessed with losing the baby weight immediately. She says, “it feels great to be honest about the fact that it is tough. Everything hasn’t returned back to where I want it to be, but I feel good right now. I’m still in some of my pregnancy clothes, but they make me feel beautiful.” Jennifer has gone from playing a sexy, seductive massage therapist on The Client List to a more relatable, down to earth character on Criminal Minds and this new version of her couldn’t be more refreshing. Kate Callahan is a dedicated, hard-working, single mom who proves that true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Maggie Q and Jennifer Love Hewitt are both gorgeous in their own unique ways. It is more than refreshing to finally see two leading ladies who differ from the conventional norms commonly found in the women of television crime dramas or in television in general. Women in this society are constantly struggling to reach what society sets as “acceptable” beauty standards. Body image is a huge issue among women and it’s difficult to celebrate individuality and beauty when the same type of woman is shown over and over again. The Fusion Film Festival celebrates women in film, television and new media who aren’t afraid to embrace their strength and individuality and that is exactly the message Beth and Kate represent as well. Beth Davis and Kate Callahan are intelligent, independent role models who fight their own battles. They teach women everywhere to celebrate their unique qualities because beauty should be measured on the person you are on the inside rather than what you look like on the outside. These two women may differ from each other physically, but Beth and Kate are passionate women who do whatever it takes to  protect the ones they love and those qualities are what makes them truly beautiful. These two crime-fighting goddesses are determined to make the world a more beautiful place and for that, ladies, we salute you!