Fusion's Mission Statement

The Fusion Film Festival was founded seven years ago at New York University with the mission of encouraging, promoting and inspiring women filmmakers in the NYU Community. Fusion also strongly encourages collaboration between male and female filmmakers as a way of demonstrating the advantages of gender partnership in all aspects of filmmaking.

Each year, we host a multi-day film festival at which all the screenings, industry panels, masterclasses, retrospectives, and student showcases actively support the talents and creative visions of female filmmakers from the student level to the highest echelons of the film industry. The Festival is a completely student-run event, and it is the only annual film festival at New York University dedicated to the work of women.

Little has changed for women in the film industry in the six years since then-students Gina Abatemarco and Emma Heald co-founded the Festival. Thus, Fusion's goal of celebrating and advancing the work of women filmmakers becomes more and more urgent as more time passes. During the 2009 - 2010 academic year, Fusion will not only continue its constant work of exhibiting and inviting discussion of the work of women filmmakers but will also grow its reputation both within and outside the walls of NYU to attract greater interest and support from the New York film community. Fusion hopes to inspire filmmakers of all genders to take notice of and celebrate the work of women at all levels in the film industry.